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Le_anon_Hanover: First off, I disagree
whatever you may think of anarchy
we are differently disoriented
disagree with me in advance.

The degradation of anarchy
is not a steady unified decay
many lives come and go
some fast, some linger.

Living is dying is falling
gallowdancing at a necktie party
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
then all is darkness and silence.

Posthumous speech is not post-human,
least of all the speech of the moribund.
Posthumous anarchism is not post-anarchism,
least of all moribund anarchism.

You can’t kill an idea, but it can kill you
changing in everything but form
a doppelgänger who asks:
“How long do you mean to be content?”

Dominant chord, expectancy of resolution
discord, the tension tightens
révolution, guillotine, répression, potence, résistance
a taut eulogy is all one could hope for.

Void of subastral novelty,
repetition is unavoidable.
Words are superfluous.
The tree is already long enough.

We mean different things, whether we say the same.
whether speaking in our own tongue or each other’s.
Theoretical frameworks are scaffolds.

We fall, whether we stood united or divided.
Which platform could ever unite us,
so that we all stand and fall together?
The gallows.

Points of disunity in a threshold of severance, as follows:
0. Everything.
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anon: "We fall, whether we stood united or divided.
Which platform could ever unite us,
so that we all stand and fall together?"

Rejoice for life, and even in death celebrate it.
Be the biggest affront to life's hardships
by asserting life against all its detractors.

Fuck death-cult theocracies!
Fuck death machines and their machineries!
From Aztecs to Catholics to Caliphates
To endless industrial suburbia-factories

Those people, past, present, and future
who asserted, exerted, expressed
their love for the living
all the living
always have
the last

- Ze Fauve