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anon: just put in and the fucking Sand book is at your fingertips. Here's a quote: "When resistance and desertion significantly threaten those in power, repression/counter-revolution is inevitable. One answer to how to make counter-cultures less of a threat to those within them would be to drain them of antagonism; make them obviously unthreatening to power. This counsel of evasion and non-resistance has long been articulated in the lived experience of anarchies both outside civilisation, and within. Today though, putting aside the ethical issues involved, [197] the fact is that while you can try and ignore the state, if you’re within its controlled territory the chances are that the state won’t ignore you. Those communities with a land base capable of some level of self-sufficiency will still face intervention, whilst those immersed in capitalism will often have little option but to labour, and lacking resistance, for worsening hours and wages. " Impressed much?
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asshole: I found this quote interesting, but you have to read the b-side of the Sand book "I fucked your mom last night and I still got her stank on my dick. Rotten cabbage and beer farts."
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KillAllHumans69: nice