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anews_anon: Dear Fauvenoir: When I click "view" to the picture you uploaded, it appears to me in vertical format, as you desired. I took a snip or snapshot or printscreen (however you want to call it) and I uploaded it and there it is. Since it's a snip, it's off lower resolution than your original picture. But it's good enough for memes. Is your picture in vertical format? You can edit its orientation and save it in your computer.

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Fauvenoir: I knew it was the SYSTEM!!! More srsly I think a preview function like on Anews would be the only thing preventing that, but but but a drag to implement on here, I guess. Thanks for this.

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Fauvenoir: For the record, I didn't do this poster... just added my "signature" with the help of a Swiss knife, then took a pic. It's by Marianne Square (aka Leonard Cohen's plaza) for those still in Mtl, on a building that's been a squat attempt for a long time but is under tight surveillance (I heard).