anon: Clockwise looks way better. >>>
anon: clockwise or counter-clockwise? >>>
anon: It goes in circle! 'til maybe you un-gay or you... >>>
anon: lol its so true >>>
anon: Don't be fooled by the colors! Those above... >>>
anon: death here we come >>>
anon: lol, all the fucking o'reilly memes, linux does... >>>
anon: have to remove half his head to have it fit in the... >>>
anon: ha! >>>
anon: Looks more like Gimli, circa Greek Insurrection... >>>
anon: there is perhaps too much going on in this meme >>>
anon: that hair conglomeration was one of his favorite looks.... >>>
anon: aw. more batman memes=good :) :( :( :( :) >>>
anon: this is good too. only saw it 'cause i'm... >>>
anon: this one has a nice sting to it. <sniffs appreciatively> >>>
anon: so good. looks like he is about to rip out the transamerica... >>>
anon: dayum. >>>
anon: he kept things rolling, gdmt >>>
anon: bellamy said sex, but moshing too >>>
anon: yessssssss, the struggle is real >>>
anon: this is great. one of his partners says: appropriately... >>>
anon: Look, I'm an idiot. So Aragorn! was... a web server!? >>>
anon: Meh... four-wheelers are lame and deadly anyways. >>>
anon: love it >>>
anon: Haha >>>
anon: As a general rule, I don’t do death on the internet,... >>>
anon: that's cute >>>
anon: I am so fucking glad at his death! To his partners... >>>
anon: whatever IN the fuck >>>
anon: a titan delivering puzzles and grand jokes, the gristle... >>>
anon: this is great >>>
anon: "Sometimes it's hard to be a woman Giving... >>>
anon: no u >>>
anon: **hosts a Internet chatroom** **something something... >>>
anon: kill stalkers >>>
anon: creep >>>
anon: I once was a crust punk and we found a cool shit banner... >>>
anon: well apparantly stupid Holy Property doesn't. >>>
anon: At least they got viagra!!! >>>
anon: *Zachev uploads another pic of himself* >>>
anon: Wow. Spectacle-producing anarchists finally achieve... >>>
anon: you call that a trash pile?! I'll show you a fucking... >>>
anon: i dont know what the fuck im lookin at here. but i... >>>
anon: BARF! What love?! im sittin here on a computer alone... >>>
anon: As absurd-sounding as this fire dept... Richard Sidley... >>>
anon: Needs an "Anews from the web" clickbait banner.... >>>
anon: Shuddup u Mac user! >>>
anon: But no it's cooool becoz it's gay, bro. >>>
anon: At dagger's drawn... up against the fully automated... >>>
anon: Ok. >>>
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