609: g34myepzwl4aaaod.onion

g34myepzwl4aaaod.onion // 500x375 // 29.5KB
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anon_anon: i once made a similar banner, but decided it was shit as well, and promptly placed it in the trash.
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anon: I once was a crust punk and we found a cool shit banner in the dumpster. Recycled it and put in the wall of our living room. Then the four family of dogs we raised eventually overshitted the living room so some government agents evicted us (WTF!) then we moved to Barcelona for a while. By "plane"? Was that an air plain? The hell's that? Punk natiooon!!!

607: wordplay

wordplay // 729x373 // 19.0KB
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anon: well apparantly stupid Holy Property doesn't.

603: boomer ok

boomer ok // 720x534 // 553.1KB
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anon: At least they got viagra!!!

600: Extinction_Rebellion Recycle! Reduce Reuse greenwashing_machine

Extinction_Rebellion Recycle! Reduce Reuse greenwashing_machine // 3264x2448 // 1.4MB
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anon: you call that a trash pile?! I'll show you a fucking trash pile
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anon: *Zachev uploads another pic of himself*

602: land mountains signs

land mountains signs // 470x384 // 246.8KB
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anon: Wow. Spectacle-producing anarchists finally achieve something irl! No wait...

597: tagme

tagme // 914x536 // 246.4KB
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anon: i dont know what the fuck im lookin at here. but i know it has to be s0me next level deep shit!

589: i_love_you

i_love_you // 690x690 // 37.7KB
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anon: BARF!
What love?! im sittin here on a computer alone wondering where my life went and i hate it. and you want to shower love memes. couldn't be more cruel. you don't love shit

598: try

try // 912x492 // 353.2KB
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anews_anon: wonk ton seod ti esoht lla edepmi ot spleh ,suht ,dna ti ot nwonk shtap eht nwod gniog stpecca eno nehw ,rewop ot sselmrah si eno
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anews_anon: "..one is harmless to power, when one accepts going down the paths known to it and, thus, helps to impede all those it does not know.." - Massimo Passamani, Canenero

599: life wild

life wild // 3264x2448 // 2.0MB

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Fauvenoir: Came to me while sitting on the grass in a park, badly injured on their left side. Considered finishing them, but chosen to let them die naturally after a peaceful moment together.
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anews_anon: cute fluffy moth

595: anarchistmountain

anarchistmountain // 1090x662 // 443.5KB
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anon: Needs an "Anews from the web" clickbait banner. Also does the Information page about the Department contains Information about the Department, too?
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anon: As absurd-sounding as this fire dept... Richard Sidley was also a border police officer, known to be "anarchist".
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